Kunohe Village

HOMEEnglishA Look at Kunohe Village

A Look at Kunohe Village

Kunohe is located in the northernmost region of the Kitakami Mountains in Iwate Prefecture. It covers a total area of 51.76 square miles, 70% and over of which is made up of forests and fields. Home to Mt. Oritsumedake, designated as one of Iwate Prefectural natural parks, the village of Kunohe offers a beautiful vista for every season.

Kunohe was the site of the battle between Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Masazane Kunohe, which was the final battle of all the battles in the ancient Warring States period. The village is now home to such historical landmarks as the Kunohe Shrine associated with Masazane Kunohe and the burial site of Masazane Kunohe’s head!

Kunohe also has its own locally-run ski resort, open day and night. The family-friendly ski resort is visited by skiers not only cities and towns near here but from outside of Iwate prefecture.


Longitude: 141°22’ -141°30’ East
Latitude: 40°6’ - 40°17’ North



20 minutes by car from Ninohe Station (Tohoku Shinkansen Line)


・Exit the Hachinohe Expressway at the Kunohe Interchange
・30 minutes from Hachinohe (Hachinohe Expressway)
・60 minutes from Morioka (Hachinohe Expressway)